Baseball Rebounders: Why Your Player Needs One, Which Are the Best and More

July 6, 2024
Baseball Rebounder
"There are no shortcuts. Everything is reps, reps, reps.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Good baseball players are made through reps. The struggle is finding time in our busy lives to get them the reps they need.

This is why a good baseball rebounder is such an amazing resource. It’s the ultimate hack to maximizing reps. 

Let’s talk about it.

Benefits of a Baseball Rebounder 

A rebounder does several things.

  • It allows players to practice on their own.
  • It allows players to get a huge amount of reps in a short amount of time.
  • It helps teach coordination and reaction time as each rebounded throw returns differently based on the throw.
  • It helps players work on their throwing and fielding.
  • It has the flexibility to help players work on grounders, line drives and pop ups.
  • It is surprisingly fun. I’ve found my boys gravitate to the rebounder much more than any other type of baseball practice method. 
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Although they might seem relatively expensive given their small size (they are almost always more expensive that larger baseball nets) a good baseball rebounder is well worth the investment if you want your player to get as many reps as possible. 

What Is the Best Baseball Rebounder?

There are several great options on the market. We recommend a square shaped rebounder over the tall ones.

These are easier to move and are very flexible.

Although it is on the higher end price wise, the best rebounder we’ve tested is the 3 * 3 Pro Portable Rebounder.

It is…

  • Easy to set up.
  • The most portable.
  • Easily adjusted between line drives, grounders and pop ups.
  • The strongest rebound stength (which can be adjusted if you’d prefer it to return balls more slowly).

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Baseball Rebounder vs. Baseball Net

Although both are important and we recommend investing in both, baseball nets and baseball rebounders are totally different.  

A rebounder is used for fielding practice. The ball is returned back to the fielder at nearly the same velocity that it was thrown to it.

A baseball net can be used for throwing practice, but it is primarily a tool for hitting work. 

Obviously, you should never hit into a rebounder 😃

To save my boys time chasing balls, I like to set my net directly behind the rebounder.

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