Where to Buy Cheap Baseballs in Bulk (10 Best Options for New or Used Baseballs in 2023)

September 6, 2023
places to buy baseballs in bulk

No matter how you cut it, baseballs can be expensive. Especially if you're like us and have a team of foul ball fiends. Here are the best places to buy new and used baseballs for games and/or practice. 

Where to Buy New Baseballs

If you need new baseballs, you're going to find better deals online in bulk than you will at your local sports stores like Dicks or Academy. Here are the best places to buy new baseballs online right now. 

Baseball Monkey: Offers a wide selection of baseball game balls and practice balls. Link

OnDeckSports: Price matches so you're guaranteed to get the best deal. Link

Baseball Bargains: One of the best sources for baseballs and softballs, offering top quality options and deals. Tons of coupons and free shipping on orders over $99. Link

Diamond Sports Gear: Get tiered discounts based on how many balls you buy. Get 6+ dozen and save 12% for the maximum savings. Link

Baseball Savings: Another site that offers free shipping on orders over $99. Link.

Pro Player Supply: Arguably the highest quality and most "legit" option. This is commonly used by professional teams. Link.

Where to Buy Used Baseballs

If you're just looking for practice balls, here are you best bets.  

SidelineSwipe: Lots of offers for used balls of all types. Link

Play it again sports: It will vary by location, but you'll be able to find balls for about $1-$2 a piece if you're lucky. Link.

Local batting cages: A hidden gem for used baseballs, batting cages regularly sell their used balls. These balls are VERY used but if you just want something you can smack around without worrying about losing them, this is a good bet. 

eBay: There are tons of listings on eBay for new and used balls, but I like it specifically for used balls.

Tips for Buying Baseballs

Here are a few tips.

#1 Buy in bulk if you can. If you know you're going to go through 50 balls a season, you might as well try to get a discount by getting them all at once.

#2 Never bring all of your balls to practice. I've noticed that when I have a lot of balls with me, I'm less likely to worry about losing them. More balls at practice means more balls lost. Just bring as many as you need and no more. 

#3 Avoid water logged balls. Scuffs and scratches aren't a big deal, but water logged balls aren't good. They can damage bats and throw off your hitters. 

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