November 4

Camwood Bat Hitting Drills (Boost Bat Speed Fast)

When one of our top hitters started having problems driving the ball up the middle and to his pull side, we knew we had to look for answers.

That’s where CamWood Bats came in.

At the time of purchase, CamWood offered a 30 day program, and based on that program, we developed a pre-game 10 minute drill with the bats that worked wonders and got our top hitter back on track.

 We purchased two bats, a one handed trainer, and a two handed trainer, with which we developed a four-part drill. 

Part One: One Handed Trainer with Lead or Bottom Hand off a Tee

The focus here is on keeping the feet stable and bringing the hand and bat to the ball, keeping the palm of the lead hand pointed down to the ground as the bat makes contact with the ball.  We start with 3-5 (10-15 OZ) heavy balls and finish with 3-5 regular baseballs.

Part Two: One Handed Trainer with Back or Top Hand off a Tee

The focus here is to have the hand go through the ball with the palm facing upwards. Again, we start with heavy balls and move to regular baseballs to finish. 

Part Three: Two Handed Trainer off a Tee

Here the hitter focuses on driving the back leg and knee toward the pitcher, as he goes through the ball. This simulates proper rotation and a strong front leg. Again, we use heavy balls and move to regular baseballs.

Part Four: Two Handed Trainer Soft Toss

In part four of the drill, we use 3-5 heavy balls, finish up with 3-5 regular baseballs, and then move on to the hitter’s game bat and 3-5 regular baseballs.

One of the great features of the CamWood bats is the concentration of weight near the hands, as opposed to end-loading. Loading up the bat-weight near the hands forces the hitter to get their hands to the ball, which creates an optimum swing path and results in more hard hit line-drives and bat speed.

As for our struggling hitter, CamWood did the trick, as he ended the season hitting nearly .700 with only 4 strikeouts.

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