20 Gifts for Baseball Fans in 2023 That Are All Home Runs

September 25, 2023

Baseball isn't just a sport; for many, it's a lifelong passion, a legacy passed down through generations, and a way of life. Whether it's the thrill of the game, the camaraderie among fans, or the nostalgia of a worn-out mitt, baseball holds a special place in many hearts. If you have a baseball aficionado in your life, finding the perfect gift can be a home run in showing them how much you care.

From collector's items to home essentials with a baseball twist, our curated list for 2023 brings together the best gifts that are sure to resonate with any baseball enthusiast. Dive in and discover the ideal present for that special someone who lives and breathes baseball.

Obvious Baseball Gifts That Always Win

Here are the core gifts that you probably have already thought of. Although they aren't as creative as some of the other gifts in this post, they are almost guaranteed wins. 

Gloves and Bats

Hey, there's just too much to really cover here. I'll tell you though, as a kid there was never any better gift than a fresh glove or bat. You have to be careful with this though because kids want specific ones and they get pricey.

MLB Shop Gift Card

A versatile gift for any baseball fan. Let them choose their favorite team's merchandise or any other baseball-related item they've had their eye on.
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MLB Shop Gift Cards

Dicks Gift Card (or Any Sports Shop)

Yes, this takes some of the thoughtfulness out of the process, but many kids would rather just have the cash to make sure they get exactly what they want. 

The risk of returns on baseball gear you get them without asking is extremely high anyway. Pairing a gift card with something basic (like a nice bucket of balls) can be a winner. 

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Dick's Gift Card

Game Tickets

Nothing beats the experience of watching a live baseball game. Gift them tickets to their favorite team's game and let them enjoy the thrill.

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baseball tickets

Official Apparel
Every baseball fan loves to represent their team. Gift them official apparel, whether it's a jersey, cap, or any other merchandise.

Baseball Gifts for the Collector

Here are a few clever gifts for fans of all ages. 

MLB Baseball Scratch Off Bucket List ($31.50)
A unique scratch-off poster that features all the MLB teams. A perfect gift for baseball enthusiasts who love to track and showcase the stadiums they've visited.
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MLB Baseball Scratch Off Bucket List

Leather Glove Wallets ($129-$499)
A wide selection of wallets made from leather gloves. A unique and stylish gift for baseball fans who appreciate quality craftsmanship.
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Leather Glove Wallets

 Home Fields Field Replicas
Celebrate the love for baseball with these intricately designed field replicas. A collector's dream and a perfect addition to any baseball-themed room or office.
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Home Fields Field Replicas

Home and Kitchen

These gifts are mostly for the older demographic (sorry kids, whiskey glasses aren't in the cards). 

Grand Slammer Whiskey Glass ($17.95)
Introducing the perfect glass for any baseball fan and whiskey enthusiast - the Baseball Whiskey Glass. This 12 oz glass features a realistic baseball design, complete with raised seam details and a sturdy base.
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Grand Slammer Whiskey Glass

Baseball Bat Whiskey/Wine Decanter ($99.95)
Step up to the plate and indulge in the Limited Edition Baseball Set by The Wine Savant. This exquisite set features a beautiful mahogany bat-shaped holder, accompanied by a large baseball decanter and four baseball whiskey glasses.
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Baseball Bat Whiskey Wine Decanter

Home Plate Cutting Board ($109.99)
Looking to add a personal touch to the ultimate baseball fan's cutting board? This Full Size (17"x17") Home Plate Cutting Board is made from solid Western Maple and Black Walnut in the iconic Home Plate shape.

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Home Plate Cutting Board

Batters Up Brew Customized Pint Glass ($34.99)
Elevate the gifting experience for baseball enthusiasts with our Batter's Brew Baseball Pint Glass. A genuine baseball is artfully suspended within the glass, creating a captivating and dynamic visual.

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Batters Up Brew Customized Pint Glass

Gifts for Baseball Players

Here are some gifts that are specifically aimed at active baseball players.

Customized Gatorade Bottles
Personalize your hydration with these customized Gatorade bottles. A great gift for baseball players who want to stay refreshed in style.

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Customized Gatorade Bottles

Dirty Mids Baseball Pants
Always ask, but these are very much in this year for young baseball players.

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Camwood Bat ($99)

We are huge fans of the Camwood bat. It's a cheat code for developing bat speed. 

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Camwood Bat

Pocket Radar with Smart Coach ($399)

An expensive gift for the most serious players. As a parent, I love having this handy during games to see where opposing pitchers are clocking in at. 

It goes well beyond simply telling you how fast a ball is traveling from the mound. You can use this to track exit velocity while batting. The smart coach app is next level as well. It will keep a record of all of your sessions, show you balls and strikes and much more. 

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Pocket Radar with Smart Coach

Clean Fuego Ball ($34.99)

If you want to give the gift of velocity, the clean fuego is a good bet. 

Another product that we swear by. This ball helps provide immediate feedback on how a ball is leaving the hand. The goal is to get it to spin over top and not like a frisbee. It will promote getting behind the ball which will lead to increased velocity and accuracy.

This makes it blatantly obvious how the ball is spinning which gives the thrower a chance to correct. It's great for pitchers, but all position players can benefit from it as well.

We've written about the Clean Fuego ball at length here

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Clean Fuego Ball

Set of 5 Plyo Balls ($59.99)

Another great tool for increasing a players velocity. There aren't many MLB players that don't do some form of plyo ball workout. There are several options, but the one below is the highest rated on Amazon. 

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Set of 5 Plyo Balls

Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves ($80+)

Batting gloves are a great option, especially since players don't mind having multiple pairs. The Bruce Bolt gloves are some of the best reviewed gloves on the planet right now. My son is obsessed with his. 

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Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves

Mizuno Training Paddle Glove ($60)

A great gift because (1) Most players don't have one and (2) They work! These gloves make the fielder really focus on having soft hands and fielding balls more cleanly. If you can field with a paddle glove, fielding with a regular glove feels like a cheat code. 

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Mizuno Training Paddle Glove

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